Our Patrons are RAVING

Love my new roses! Thank you Grant Farms!


This is a great family and we love the beautiful drive. I don’t know if you like to shop at greenhouses and roadside product stands but these guys are great. The stand is self serve and open 24-7. The have meats like lamb turkey chicken pheasant pork goose duck. They have fresh farm eggs. Newly hatched ducks geese chickens and peacocks. They have huge orchards with every kind of fruit in the summer. Always beans potatoes and canned goods like 15 types of jelly jam or syrup. Same with pickles and other vegetables. The fresh farm vegetables and fruit are later but there tomato plant are hardened and already have tomatoes!beautiful


We are overwhelmed with gratitude for the kind words from our roadside customers, it truly makes all the hard work and daily challenges worth all the effort! Come see for yourself the distinct quality that makes us stand out by visiting our FarmStand located at12155 N County Rd 15, Wellington, CO, United States, Colorado or Visit us virtually on any of our Social Medias. Hope to see you soon!